2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F Press Event 

The new Zuma 50F comes back this year with a bold new look and a new fuel injected,  liquid cooled four-stroke power plant bringing greater efficiency and improved reliability for 2012.    Ride position and seating have been greatly improved over last year,  with the seat and floor flattened out resulting in a much more natural,  upright riding position.   Gone are the days of sliding forward over bumps and under heavy braking. 
Along with the new looks,  underseat storage has been increased to 23 liters,   due to the gas tank being relocated to the floor of the scooter. 
Students will love the optional underseat organizer bag which form fits under the seat and has a handle to take with you to class. 

Fuel effiency has been greatly improved over previous models,  with an advertised 132 miles per gallon.   I personally had a chance to put this to the test at the Zuma 50F press event in San Francisco last week.   I logged about 7 hours and 70-80 miles and the gas guage hardly moved.
San Francisco was an excellent place to put the new 50F through its paces,  so when Yamaha invited me down,  i jumped at the chance.   We were taken to a lot outside the W hotel where we all got to choose a Zuma,  each equipped with a Garmin Zumo 220 with all the points of interest for our photo op scavenger hunt programmed in. 

I had a great time talking with Steve and Mitch from The Scooter Scoop,   April from Scoot Magazine,  and Troy from Motorcycle.com.

Special thanks to Eva and Tim from Yamaha for inviting Zumaforums.net to ride along for the event.

Click here for the rest of the pics from the scavenger hunt,  and questions and comments about the new Zuma 50F.